3SNY has been actively enhancing our members' experience.  We are always looking for ways to build up the club while delivering the best value for their membership. 

As a member of 3SNY you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Official 3SNY T-shirt (1 per registration)
  • Official 3SNY Decal (1 per registration)
  • Access to 3SNY's Clubhouse
  • Email notifications for upcoming events
  • 3SNY Newsletter (digital)
  • Discounts from our sponsors


  • Must be 18 or over
  • Must own 3000GT or Stealth
  • Comply with all of 3SNY's and 3SNY Inc.'s Bylaws, rules, regulations, and policies
  • Attend 2 local meets or 1 national meet
  • Pay club dues (monthly or annually).

3SNY bylaws are created by its members in conjunction with 3SNY Inc. and the Law Offices of Luigi Vigliotti, P.C. Please click here to view bylaws. 

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By continuing to the following registration page, you must agree to the following terms: The 3SNY bylaws have been prepared for your information and understanding of the policies, philosophies and practices and benefits of 3SNY. Please read it carefully. Upon completion of your review of the bylaws, select the, "I Accept" option below. By selecting the, " I Accept" option below. You acknowledge that you have received or downloaded and read a copy of the 3SNY bylaws which outlines the goals, policies, benefits and expectations of 3SNY, as well as your responsibilities as a member. By selecting the, " I Accept" option below. You affirm that you have familiarized yourself with the contents of these bylaws. By selecting the, " I Accept" option below., you acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to comply with the information contained in the bylaws provided to you by 3SNY. You understand these bylaws are not intended to cover every situation which may arise during my membership, but is simply a general guide to the goals, policies, practices, rules, benefits, and expectations of 3SNY. You understand that the 3SNY bylaws are not a contract of membership and should not be deemed as such. Membership Liability Waiver: In consideration of the right of membership by execution of this membership form, I release and discharge Mitsubishi & DaimlerChrysler Corporation, its divisions and subsidiaries, the 3000GT & Stealth Club of New York (3SNY) and its Regions, officers, agents, members, representatives, and all others persons or Agencies affiliated with this Club from any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, judgments, and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by me or any member to his/her person, family or property and related to your membership or participation in this Club. You also acknowledge that your membership can be revoked or your application can be denied without refund at any time as the Board of Officers and the President sees fit By pressing the "SUBMIT" button below you warrant that you have read and understood the above terms in full.
You are entitled to a free T-Shirt after your 2 month anniversary of being a member in good standing.

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