Perseverance and dedication realized.

Started in the parking lot of a car show. 3S-LINYC in the summer of 2003 officially became 3SNY.  Since then we have been focused on advancing the 3S platform as well as discovering what our club will mean to the 3S community.  

Our members focus on the preservation of their cars and efficiently maximizing it's performance potential.  There are several members of the car club that have owned a 3000GT or Stealth for almost 20 years. We also have some of the most reputable 3S specialists in the entire 3S community.  The collective wealth of experience with in the car club is second to none.  Knowledge and experience is one fundamental resource that is what makes 3SNY truly unique.  Our members are also well known for breaking world records, creating, and developing new products.  But most importantly, being there for one another.